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President's Message
Today as we greet the the new century, India, embracing a total population of one billion, has developed into a young national economy proud of its position as the fifth-largest economy in the world. The highly educated Indian middle-class, which surpasses in size Japan's total population, is creating a new demand for consumer goods and services. Our company has since its establishment in 1978 accomplished its growth in concert with India's development. Starting its evolution as a trading company specialising in exports and under the various import restrictions enforced by the Indian government, we pioneered the market by putting continuous effort into expanding sales. During this period, we were seeking to diversify our product assortment, and consequently, in August 1981 we became the first company to introduce Toshiba colour TV into the Indian market as well as started local assembly. Additionally, in December 1981 we successfully introduced Toshiba medical equipments, which subsequently became our company's main focus. As more medical equipment manufacturers entered the market, we started in 1986 to export kits for local assembly in anticipation of special import privileges. The Indian trade balance deteriorated with the steep rise in crude oil prices and the decreasing export to the Middle East, and what's more, the foreign currency reserves ran short, yet India began economic reforms in 1991 with the support of emergency loans from the IMF and the World Bank, thereby accomplishing the transition from a socialist planned economy to a liberal planned economy. As a result, government regulations were deregulated, and entry, local production and sales by foreign companies started to prosper. Thus India's economy restored its stability. Also the technological level of the country had improved, employment opportunities had increased, and labour conditions continued to become better.
Together with these events, our company has since July 1994 launched direct sales and maintenance services of Toshiba's medical equipments in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. As a result, our operations as a sales company have grown to account for 70% of total operations. We also plan to continue develop our sales operations in the future. Moreover, with the establishment of Erbis Engineering India Private Ltd., an overseas-incorporated company financed 100% by Erbis Tokyo and providing for local production and sales in India, we shall in addition be bringing the development of local production and the sales of higher calibre technological products responsive to local needs into our field of vision. Given the need for it to become a bridge facilitating Indo-Japanese friendship, and transcending the barriers of race, religion, and political thoughts, the aspiration of our company, which has evolved together with the Indian economy over a quarter of a century, is to make an effort to share the blessings of economic growth together with more and more Indian citizens in this new 21st century. 
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